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ID Task Type Priority Severity  desc Summary Status Progress
403 Feature Request Normal Low [RP-A5#l2] Perform benchmark on the wtk framework New 0%
402 Feature Request Normal Low [RP-A5#l2] Perform benchmark on the web server Assigned 70%
393 Bug Report Normal Low [WTK] use page speed chrome extension and fix opened bu... New 0%
381 Feature Request Normal Low [WTK] check the webtoolkit on all supported browsers New 0%
380 Feature Request Normal Low [MS] Display the number of connected client on the inst... New 0%
378 Feature Request Normal Low The back button should be caught, so it does not leave ... New 0%
373 Feature Request Normal Low [LMS] Create a profile structure New 0%
360 Feature Request Normal Low client/profile object must be given during the instance... New 0%
358 Bug Report Normal Low Child selector must handle 2n+1 selectors New 0%
356 Bug Report Normal Low Implement Disposable on most of object created on clien... New 0%
355 Bug Report Normal Low Condition handling must be refactored on client side New 0%
350 Bug Report Normal Low Update test application to test all ui component / attr... New 0%
335 Bug Report Normal Low Resize not called if a component is added in a non-size... New 50%
264 Bug Report High Low Conversion from Operation to JSON wrong place New 0%
240 Feature Request Low Low Implement behavior for value & attributes New 0%
182 Feature Request Normal Low Select condition full support Assigned 0%
180 Feature Request Normal Low Drag and Drop support Assigned 0%
354 Bug Report Low Very Low OnBeforeUnload must send a sync ajax request New 0%
190 Bug Report Low Very Low Add noscript tag New 0%
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