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ID Task Type Priority Severity Summary  desc Status Progress
393 Bug Report Normal Low [WTK] use page speed chrome extension and fix opened bu... New 0%
553 Bug Report Normal Low [WTK] refactoring of the XCSS system New 0%
552 Bug Report Normal Low [WTK] refactoring of the component plugins New 0%
762 Bug Report Normal Low [WTK] It seems the there is a call to notifyDisconnecti... New 0%
569 Feature Request Normal Low [WTK] handleAuthorizationException not implemented to b... New 0%
431 Bug Report Normal Low [WTK] do not use real css classes can be conflicted wit... New 0%
427 Bug Report Normal Low [WTK] css engine does not handle attributes New 0%
381 Feature Request Normal Low [WTK] check the webtoolkit on all supported browsers New 0%
740 Bug Report Normal Low [Wiki] http://dndnetworks.com/temp/lobbyjs.png to be ch... New 0%
419 Feature Request Normal Low [RP-A5#wt0] Write a test plan to validate all the compo... New 0%
420 Feature Request Normal Low [RP-A5#wt0] Execute the test plan to validate all the c... New 0%
403 Feature Request Normal Low [RP-A5#l2] Perform benchmark on the wtk framework New 0%
402 Feature Request Normal Low [RP-A5#l2] Perform benchmark on the web server Assigned 70%
678 Bug Report Normal Low [MS] When accessing the MS via HTTP, the domaine should... New 0%
773 Feature Request Normal Low [MS] Verify client side the entered email is correct w... New 0%
504 Feature Request Normal Low [MS] The sign in should forward to MS root if there is ... New 0%
624 Bug Report Normal Low [MS] The mssignout is called before the signin. Is it n... New 0%
564 Feature Request Normal Low [MS] Review the content of all emails sent to the users New 0%
746 Bug Report Normal Low [MS] Lobeo does not work on IE 8 New 0%
616 Feature Request Normal Low [MS] Have an option to keep user signed in forever New 0%
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