Id Name Description Version  
1.   OnyX For Trackmania OnyX 3.1.1 with all essentials TM Modules 1.0 todo

Id Name Author Description Version Type  
12   TMNyxServer   PaGaisu Trackmania Nyx Server 1.1.7 ONYXJAR Download
33   translator   PaGaisu Translates words to help you in case you meet a foreigner 1.0.1 NYX Download
11   CopperDonation   TortuX CopperDonation for TMNyxServer - Send copper to a friend or to the ... 1.0.2 NYX Download
54   checkDif   TortuX checkDif ~ Display the time difference with your best time every ch... 1.0.2 NYX Download
15   dedimania   PaGaisu Dedimania Record Management 1.0.6 NYX Download
53   iniVote   Kev717 Vote + or - for current challenge 1.0.1 NYX Download
49   iniBinds   Tof vs Kev717 Add binds (command) to your server 1.0.2 NYX Download
42   control   Tof, Koko,... Control your server 3.0.2 NYX Download
46   serverInfo   Kev717 Displays the server informations 1.0.2 NYX Download
52   idleKick   KOKO aka T... idleKick for TMNyxServer - Kick or force to spectator idle players 1.0.0 NYX Download
51   MusicBox   KOKO aka T... MusicBox for TMNyxServer 1.0.1 NYX Download
47   pubTeam   Kev717 Display pubs for your team (loadscreen, links, servers, team logo) 1.0.5 NYX Download
48   switchServ   Kev717 Switch between 2 server 1.0.2 NYX Download
44   sqlRecords   Tof vs Kev717 Keep PB and averages in Database 1.0.5 NYX Download
45   customPoints   Kev717 Set custom points for round/cup mode 1.0.0 NYX Download
9   WelcomeMania   KOKO aka T... Display a welcome page to player 1.0.2 NYX Download
20   serverTime   PaGaisu,Kev Displays the server time 1.0.2 NYX Download
35   SetNextMap   KOKO vs Al... SetNextMap for TMNyxServer - Choose your favorite track 1.0.3 NYX Download
40   manageModule   Tof start, stop and reload module in-game 1.0.1 NYX Download
38   lasttmx   PaGaisu Your server runs with the latest TMX maps 1.0.1 NYX Download
39   survivalmode   PaGaisu Survival Mode 1.0.2 NYX Download
10   TeamForce   KOKO aka T... TeamForce for TMNyxServer - Manage player on Team Match mode 1.0.2 NYX Download
37   inirecords   tof Takes records in an ini file (readme in zip) 1.0.2 NYX Download
36   loadlastconfig   PaGaisu Load the last known configuration of the server 1.0.2 NYX Download
34   CopperLottery   KOKO aka T... CopperLottery for TMNyxServer - Send copper at end race 1.0.0 NYX Download
32   LadderRankDi...   KOKO aka T... LadderRankDisplay for TMNyxServer - Display rank of a player at con... 1.0.0 NYX Download
30   rudewords   PaGaisu As soon as a player use a rude word, he is kicked out 1.0.0 NYX Download
29   tmxnyx   PaGaisu Download Maps from TM-Exchange 1.0.0 NYX Download
28   wordmixer   PaGaisu World Mixer Game 1.0.0 NYX Download
27   wordhider   PaGaisu World Hider Game 1.0.0 NYX Download
26   TrainAndFight   KOKO aka T... TrainAndFight for TMNyxServer - Train in TA mode to fight in Round ... 1.0.0 NYX Download
25   Cross   KOKO aka T... Cross for TMNyxServer - Display a cross at center of screen 1.0.0 NYX Download
24   disableVote   KOKO aka T... disableVote for TMNyxServer - Disable all vote when an admin is in ... 1.0.0 NYX Download
8   NextMapInfo   KOKO aka T... NextMapInfo for TMNyxServer - Display the next track in manialink a... 1.0.2 NYX Download
16   SpeedAdmin   KOKO aka T... SpeedAdmin for TMNyxServer - Restart/Next/EndRound/DeletePreviousTr... 1.0.2 NYX Download
23   PrivateMessage   KOKO aka T... PrivateMessage for TMNyxServer - Send private chat message to your ... 1.0.0 NYX Download
22   oracle   PaGaisu Oracle javanyx 1.0.0 NYX Download
21   dictionary   PaGaisu Dictionary Script 1.0.0 NYX Download
19   dedivote   Vegeta Vote system for nadeo challenges 1.0.1 NYX Download
18   guessnumber   PaGaisu Guess number game 1.0.1 NYX Download
4   AdminMonitor   PaGaisu Monitors your Onyx application 1.0.2 UIADMIN Download
1   AdminGraph   PaGaisu Explore the tree of your Onyx 1.0.2 UIADMIN Download
3   AdminLog   PaGaisu Manage your Onyx Logging 1.0.2 UIADMIN Download
5   AdminPreference   PaGaisu Set your preferences 1.0.3 UIADMIN Download
2   Administration   PaGaisu To administrate your Onyx application 1.0.2 UIJAR Download
7   UIOnyx   PaGaisu This module will handle the User Interface application for Onyx 1.0.5 ONYXJAR Download